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These Guidelines are designed to cover compliance issues and the political rules' to be observed by all parties. While parties are responsible for the content of the broadcasts, they are required to observe the following guidelines, which have been agreed between the broadcasters and will be applied equally to all parties.

They are designed to reconcile the editorial standards of the broadcasters and their audiences' expectations with the freedom of political parties to convey their political messages, and to ensure that these are met on all outlets.

Broadcasts should be delivered on digi-beta tapes in widescreen format (16x9 full height anamorphic). The sound can be in mono or stereo. Two digi-beta tapes should be delivered together with two VHS or DVD copies.

TV Broadcasts (and Radio 4) can be one of three lengths, 2'40", 3'40" or 4'40". The Broadcasters must be informed of the duration selection a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the broadcast date.

For Radio 2 and BBC Radio in Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland, broadcasts should be 1' 30".

For commercial radio, broadcasts may be any duration up to 2' 30", but the preferred length is 1' 30".

The tapes, transcripts and details of any music used must be delivered by 10am the day prior to transmission.

Broadcasts scheduled to be transmitted on a Monday must be delivered no later than noon the preceding Friday.

Broadcasts scheduled to be transmitted on a Bank Holiday must be delivered no later than noon of the preceding normal working day.

The full technical specifications for broadcasts on BBC television are available on the BBC website. (Note that the requirements for programmes delivered in Scotland are different to those delivered to London).

Radio Broadcasts
For technical specifications for broadcasts on BBC radio please see BBC Radio Resources website.

Radio broadcasts should be supplied on 2 CDs, and these must be data discs [CD or DVD] and NOT audio CDs.