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The Broadcasters' Liaison Group was formed in 1997 and comprises of representatives of each of the broadcasters who
make airtime available to registered political parties and to designated organisations in referendum campaigns.

Each broadcaster is responsible for deciding the allocations made available to a political party. However, through
the BLG, broadcasters work together with the Electoral Commission to ensure a consistent approach.

Meetings of the BLG are chaired by the BBC's Chief Adviser, Politics.

The group meets from time to time to co-ordinate the criteria which each broadcaster applies in determining
 the amount of airtime to be made available.

Broadcasting opportunities made available to political parties fall into three categories:


The Ofcom Broadcasting Code defines the main parties as: The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.
In Scotland , the SNP is also included as is Plaid in Wales. In Northern Ireland the main political parties are the DUP,
 Sinn Fein, the SDLP, Ulster Unionists and the Alliance.

The BLG's member organisations are:


Ric Bailey
Chief Adviser, Politics
Editorial Policy
Broadcast Centre
BC2 A1
201, Wood Lane
London W12 7TP
Tel: 020 8 008 1805

The BBC makes airtime available at general and European elections. In the Nations, airtime is made available for elections to devolved institutions and for local government. The BBC Trust takes appeals concerning BBC allocations.





Chris Wissun
Director of Programme Compliance
London Television Centre
Upper Ground
London SE1 9LT
Tel: 020 7261 3358

The ITV regions make airtime available at general elections, European elections and local government elections. Airtime is also made available to the major parties for Party Political Broadcasts. ITV1 Wales also makes airtime available at elections to the Welsh Assembly and for local government elections in Wales.





Joan Darroch
Pacific Quay
G51 1PQ
Tel: 0141 300 3311

STV makes airtime available for [4 X seasonal broadcasts] to the Scottish Parliament and for local government elections in Scotland in addition to the commitments of the ITV Network





Chris Hagan
Editor of News
Ormeau Road
Tel: 028 90 262000

In addition to the commitments of the ITV network, UTV makes airtime available at elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly and for local government elections in Northern Ireland





Emily Barber
Legal & Compliance
Channel 4
124 Horseferry Road
Tel: 020 7396 4444

Channel Four makes airtime available at general elections. In addition airtime is also made available to the major parties and the main minor parties through 'The Political Slot', 16 of which are allocated annually.





Martin Stott
22 Long Acre London
Tel: 020 7550 5655

Five makes airtime available at general elections and European elections.





Peter Lowe
Assistant Editor
Sky News
Grant Way
Tel: 020 7585 4418

Sky News makes airtime available on a voluntary basis at general elections.





Catrin Hughes Roberts

Head of Partnerships


S4C Parc Ty Glas

Llanisien Llanishen

Caerdydd Cardiff

Cymru Wales

CF14 5DU


Phone: +44(0)29 2074 or 07590 307 045




S4C makes airtime available at general elections and European elections, elections to National Assembly for Wales and for local government elections. 





Alex Robertson
Communications Director
Electoral Commission
Trevelyan House
30 Great Peter Street
London SW1P 2HW

The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 requires the proposed criteria for Party Election Broadcasts to be sent to the Electoral Commission for comment. They attend BLG meetings as an observer.

Further information about UK elections please see: www.aboutmyvote.co.uk

Information about the 2004 government consultation on Party Political Broadcasts can be found
 on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport website.